Canadian Organic Regime ( COR ) Certificate

At Green Jeeva Canada Inc., we’re thrilled to announce our attainment of the prestigious COR (Canadian Organic Regime) certification. This coveted certification underscores our steadfast commitment to delivering top-quality organic ingredients to our valued customers.

The COR certification from CCOF is widely recognized as a hallmark of excellence within the organic industry, affirming that our products surpass the rigorous standards mandated by organic regulatory authorities in Canada.

This certification serves as a guarantee to our customers that the ingredients they source from us are cultivated, processed, and managed using organic methods that prioritize sustainability, environmental responsibility, and consumer health.

To achieve this esteemed certification, our operations undergo comprehensive inspections and audits conducted by CCOF-accredited certifying bodies. They meticulously assess every facet of our business, from sourcing practices to manufacturing processes, quality control measures, and documentation protocols. By meeting and exceeding their stringent requirements, we demonstrate our unwavering dedication to upholding the integrity of organic products and earning the trust of our esteemed clientele.

When you choose Green Jeeva Canada Inc., you’re choosing a partner dedicated to responsible sourcing and unwavering adherence to industry-leading standards. Rest assured, our organic ingredients are responsibly sourced and processed in accordance with the highest industry standards.

Join us in supporting the organic movement and embracing a healthier, more sustainable future. Trust Green Jeeva Canada Inc. for all your organic ingredient needs, and experience the transformative impact of our COR certification on your formulations.

Halal Certification

At Green Jeeva Canada Inc., we proudly hold the Halal Certificate from the Halal Monitoring Authority (HMA). This prestigious certification underscores our unwavering commitment to providing top-quality, Halal-certified ingredients to our customers.

Our Halal Certificate confirms that our products adhere to the stringent Halal requirements established by Islamic dietary laws. This guarantees that our ingredients are sourced, processed, and handled according to Halal guidelines, meeting all religious and cultural standards.

Our journey to obtaining the Halal Certification is a testament to our commitment. It involves a meticulous evaluation and audit of our operations by the Halal Monitoring Authority (HMA). They scrutinize every aspect of our manufacturing practices, ingredient sourcing, and quality control measures, ensuring full compliance with Halal standards. This rigorous process is a reflection of our dedication to delivering trustworthy Halal-certified ingredients.

When you choose Green Jeeva Canada Inc., you can rest assured that our Halal-certified ingredients meet the highest standards. This provides a sense of security for your Halal product formulations. We understand the importance of Halal integrity and are committed to offering premium quality ingredients that align with your Halal requirements.

Count on Green Jeeva Canada Inc. for all your Halal ingredient needs. Our Halal Certification brings assurance and authenticity to your products, reinforcing our reliability in meeting your requirements.